by Andas Productions | Realm
Audio Fiction (2024)
Audio Engineer, Dialogue Editor, Sound Designer
Sayang is the story of Eko, a Warden of the Bornean forest. Faced with gradual sight loss, Eko is drawn to an experimental technology that would make him one with his sanctuary—at the cost of a self-imposed exile from which he may never return.
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"Masterfully sound-designed... Sayang knows exactly what to give us upfront—a tender romance, a lush, vivid setting—and what to unfold gradually: a tense conflict between nature and technology, and the stories of the humans caught between them."
Tau Zaman, The Whisperforge
Eko — Nicholas Chan
Ajish / Kalia — Shrey Bhargava
Naya — Masturah Oli
Mentari — Yap Yi Kai
Loggers — Bryan Donovan Sng & Terry Tan
Creators — Nicholas Chan & Renee Yeong
Writer — Nicholas Chan
Director — Renee Yeong
Sound Designer / Audio Engineer — Nathaniel Mah
Producer — Roshan Singh Sambhi
Co-producer — Scott Lee Chua
Cover Artist — Isabel Fang

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